SG Machining Solutions is a family run business.  Although founded in 2010 we have over 24 years experience with existing customers.​ 

Based in Bury St Edmunds, we have a fully equipped machine shop which includes, Haas CNC Milling Machines and Haas Lathes as well as conventional machines.  We also have keyway broaching and MIG welding facilities for small fabrications.
Our CNC machines are not geared for high volume production.  Our typical batch sizes are anything from 1 off to 100 off and we work with a variety of materials from plastics through to AB2 and brass, mild and stainless steels both in bar form and castings.

We regularly carry out finishing processes for our customers, including Helicoiling, Anodising and Zinc plating.  There is also a Powder Coating business located next door that we use regularly.

We are a small family business and have a wealth of experience in providing quality machined parts at a competitive price.
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QMS Cert no: 16080